…Oh I do like to photograph the seeeeeea!

This post was going to be about how I want to become an expert in one/all of the following: 1) kite surfing, 2) surfing, 3) windsurfing. But then I realised that a) this would be irritating to read my blatant lies, b) I’d have to admit that I am so impatient that I’d probably do a Nalbandian and kick the board into my instructors shins 1 hour in to my first lesson c) how would I hold my gin and tonic?

I had a few friends in Dublin that submerged themselves in the kite surfing life. I groupied a fair bit and got completely smitten with wanting to have a crack at it. Such a friendly cooperative community filled with sausage sambos, sandy cars and offering to launch kites.

Lovely lovely Barry offered to teach me whilst we were on Achill Island on the west coast – but due to irregular gusty winds, conditions (and conditions alone) led to me not being very good, and the way I treat sports is as follows: if I am not a complete natural, I will swear… If I am not a complete natural and it is pissing with rain, I swear and pick up my camera.

So this weekend as I watched the kite surfers in stupidly strong/fun wind in Wittering, I thought to myself, I really really want to give that a proper go at that. I stood outside with my gin and tonic and took a few photos (I don’t pretend to be remotely good at photography as much as I used to enjoy it) – next time I’ll go ask someone for lessons…

I bloody love the sea. Like clouds and sunsets, I could photograph seascapes until the cows come home. They already are home? Oh, ok, I’ll go to bed then.

There’s not much more mesmerising than being by the water. Maybe I could just photograph clouds and seas and lakes and hang out with kite surfers all day… That’s one to ponder after I’ve done really well on Deal or No Deal…