So, I popped my tweeting cherry last week. It was cringey and painful but I really think I’m going to like doing it, but realise there’ll be some humiliating instances along the way.


I was off to Venn St Records for a £4 pizza (fecking delish) and a bit of a boogie. I tweet that I was particularly thirsty, and that I’d like to hear some Whitesnake. So turns out these people at Venn St are able to write back. Bit of a shock but suddenly got how fun being a tweetee could potentially be. #GetTequilaInMyBelly #ChartreuseEqualsSabbotage blah blah.  From now on I’m going to hashtag everything #hashtageverything.

So last night I ventured out for a thirsty Tuesday birthday for a friend’s birthday. How perfectly timed also that I am off to Spain today for Benicassim festival so could get particularly saturated. We went to Mexican place La Bodega Negra on Old Compton St. Having been told by my friend that booked it that we have to walk through a sex shop to get to it, and me taking this as one eats surrounded by sex toys and are served by leather clad dwarves with big Mexican moustaches that spank us when we ask for more wine, I find them on twitter, and say how i’m looking forward to seeing the place (you never know when might spring a “@emily_mayne_ all your frozen margaritas are on the house tonight!”… possible?) and I hashtag #dildos&chimichangas.

Now, turns out you don’t have to walk through a sex shop to get to this restaurant, but through a frontage that looks like one “peep show” “girls, girls, girls” etc. So the reply that i got from La Bodega Negra now makes a bit more sense – “@emily_mayne_ that’s funny. Are you bringing either tonight?” Hmmm… on arrival i saw that this was not my smartest tweet. Alas, no free frozen lime margaritas.


But just to say, if you haven’t been, GO. Even better don’t tell your date, like the guy we saw whilst having a cigarette that hadn’t told his wife about it and she stood outside arms crossed “i’m not fecking going in there Dan”. He giggles and walks in leaving her in the pissing July rain and she huffs herself inside. Note to self: be more open to Peep Show signs. Whilst 99% will be honest and you’ll walk in to a face full of minge, some, just some, might be something else. Get hunting kids!

La Bodega Negra is not a very well kept secret however. On a Tuesday night it was rammed and we could only get a table for 6.30pm but it did not take anything from the experience; it is honestly fabulous. Frozen lime margaritas I could have bathed in (woe is me for having to leave some money for my holiday today). I had pork belly (and yes, I won the best opted-for dish) – incredible spicy bean salsa. Tacos were great, house wine was yummy, staff were friendly and charming, despite probably never getting a quiet shift because it just doesn’t exist there… all round great evening.


Now, have 2 hours to get to airport. Off to say hello to Bob Dylan, De La Soul and Chase & Status… = bad tan line, sweaty dance moves and Jager.