I am feeling some sort of national pride today… I am on my way to Hyde Park to get stuck in to the Olympic Spirit  there. Despite my initial panic of slow walkers on the underground, I am truly amazed at how good this city feels at the moment. Like the extras in the opening ceremony, every Londoner is acting their part, smiles smacked on their faces, asking if you need help when you look up to find a clock in Victoria Station to see how much damage that extra press of the snooze button did. “Yes, I’m OK, I just don’t really like Wednesdays”.

Maybe because it seems a bit unnatural to be so openly proud to be from the country I am from, but despite or because of all this, I woke up this morning really missing Ireland and the people it has produced.  I miss my days sitting in the Pav, driving out to the Wicklow Mountains, wandering George’s St Arcade and forming dents in the seat cushions of the Dame Tavern. And I miss the friends that I did all these things with, who are now spread all over the planet. So just want to pay homage to all of these wonderful people who have done and will do great things. The funniest, loooveliest feckers there ever were.  Wish you could all come hang out in London today. With cans.

And yes Sunshine Gregg, this is my first touch of emotional blackmail for you to book flights to Switzerland next week. G’an.