Last week was a good week in London for a few reasons. A bank holiday weekend spent at Notting Hill Carnival with great company. My flat mate made banana bread – conflicting emotions here as I eat it whilst typing. Yes it’s delicious but I am to be a bridesmaid in 1 day and have no will power to rid myself of this belly. Of course the blame falls entirely on the company I keep. God dam them and their great bakes, and great suggestions of eating here or there.
A great week also because The Great British Bake off is back on the beeb and it was tart week (yet to watch ep. 4 – keep it schtum)- fantastic. We, quite unsurprisingly like the Scottish glasses with his spare time being spent playing the double bass. Great vests, great accent.

Then was the Royal Geographical Society’s Travel Photographer of the Year exhibition. Inspiring and I surprised myself by the emotion of it too. Wish I was more on the ball with things like this so I could tell you all to drop in. Alas it was the last weekend of the exhibition and I just snuck in on time. Not to be a “Explore London events reviewer” – as all is said in hindsight. Some exceptionally clever individuals have put together some stunning and thought provoking portfolios with passion and care.
Then was Brixton Market’s KaoSarn thai restaurant – something to tick of the list. Yes, maybe a pad thai is a boring menu choice, thank you for pointing that out – but holy crap this pad thai is good! And let us not forget the salted caramel gelato from Lab G – now this is something to write home about. If this gelato was a person it would have done a self depricating finger dance/walk across the bar over to me (think that “call me on my mobile!” advert), told a joke given me a high five and taken me home. This is how this ice cream made me feel (NB I have never had sexual relations with ice cream).

Moving swiftly on to what tops off these last few days. Up in a beautiful sunny Suffolk for my sister’s wedding. Too late now to regret those midnight chunks of banana bread and the avoidance of evil gym near Piccadilly – no no – this tummy will not be hidden. and feck it if it says hello – this weekend is going to be a marvel. The groom has a heart of gold, and my sister is quite simply made of gold. Add this to the free flowing champagne and I foresee quite a shindig….