Here are my thoughts. I am currently copywriting for an incredible new start up called Rooomr. It has recently joined forces with Virgin Unite’s Re-Generation programme and for every booking for a hotel with them, they will make a mirrored donation to fight against homelessness in the UK and America. I like it when a new idea is so startlingly obvious that it makes you think “why was this not done before?” Every room you book will give a room for someone struggling to get off the streets.  Hats off to this innovative team.
So whilst I write hyperbolic copy for these guys I sit in Battersea Library and as I love to procrastinate, I am wishing I was douche bag enough to wear sunglasses inside, on a day where the London skies are pissing all over the city. Alas, I want to people watch and am having to do it subtly. #CuriousSpyWithNoPurpose
Firstly there are some good looking men dotted around. As I say this I look up to find an old woman with frizzy hair staring at me. Hey lady, you’re playing me at my own game here. Ok, so there were some yesterday. And great looking ladies too. I wonder how many people pick up in a library. In silence. Oh, he’s reading a book by Paul Theroux: tick. Shimmy on over press your finger to his lips, point towards the “No Talking” sign and sit on his lap. Ignore his wild, scared eyes and write down your number. Yeah, the library is great…

I have downloaded “white noise” as it helps me concentrate. I found this just in time to write my Philosophy thesis and its “worked” ever since. It definitely focues me, but alas there is no radar to keep you concentrating on the thing of greatest importance. Hence I am typing this instead of copywirting, but at least I stare at people with conviction and purpose.

Funny too how the loudest people in a library are more often than not the librarians. “Woman, would you kindly put down the phone?” I say with my eyes. Oh no, no I was wrong; the middle aged lady who has started a Skype conversation is now winning. This white noise is not loud enough but at least she’s having a good time catching up with relatives… Shall I start a wave of tuts in true British form, or perhaps catch the eye of the man across from me with beautiful grey hair flowing down to his anorak-covered shoulders. Maybe we can share raised eyebrows? #LibraryBonding

I am jealous of the man sitting next to me giggling at something he is watching on youtube. Perhaps we could bond over a man running into a glass door. Perhaps he would find it awkward if i leaned over…
Yes, yes he did.

Back to work.