The Maybe List


  • Photograph the sea – potentially too crap to sell, ergo, potentially not that lucrative
  • Run a Brixton Market restaurant – sell a cow until it’s gone (yup – never going to be a veggie)


  • Tweeting for food and bevvies – NB this has not happened yet
  • Teacher of lovely kids – Oh captain my captain for the under 4s
  • Reviewer of dive shops around the world – must bide my time with this one


  • Anything that lands me back in Dublin for a wHile (capital “h” is key)
  • Food blogger – very easily pleased!
  • Writing blurb for food products – I love innuendos
  • Traveller to all European festivals – NB have not yet won big (nor entered) on a game show – potential financial pitfalls


  • Travel to Australia flightless (aware this is not a career. Note to self – carve something out of this adventure that fulfils and rewards)

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